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How Can You Help Us?

We receive no insurance payments or government funds, and so  depend 100% on donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses. Every dollar donated is multiplied many times as a result of the generous donations of services and supplies by local physicians and medical suppliers.

여러분의 후원이 내 이웃의 건강을 지켜 드릴있습니다.
많고 적음에 있지 아니하고 함께 동참하는 사랑의 마음들이 모여
큰 기적을 이루게 됩니다.

               Amount  :  $10.00   $ 20.00  $ 50.00  $ 100.00   $ 500.00    Other

Make checks payable to :   Eudemonia Medical Services
Mail to :                                   511 Los Coches St
                                                 Milpitas, CA   95035

Make online payment with Paypal: